First there was Shelter.
Then came Food. Then came Fire and the Wheel.

And then what?
What came next?

Next came a Game called Commerce.

Commerce is a game about Energy.

Ideally, Humans start specializing in areas of expertise such that they can become more efficient as a Community while each does more of what they like to do.

Together, they become Creative.

The Energy they put into their work is stored there, and that gets exchanged for mutual benefit. In actuality it's seldom that rosy for all, but let's stay glass half full for now.

As the Commercial Games progress, difficulty trading items and services directly always manifests. About that time someone comes up with an idea related to "tender" or "currency".

As a group, they decide to allocate "worth" to something that might otherwise be "worthless" for purposes of simplifying the exchange of Energy related to the Game of Commerce. And now you understand "money".

That can work well as long as "Bankers", the beings who's job it is to expend their own Energy for the sole purpose of managing the Currency of Energy, are kept properly in check.

How does a society keep Bankers in Check?

That's relatively easy.

It's via a trade called "Bookkeeping" and a periodic review called an "Audit".


" What? What's that you say? "

" What do you mean nobody knows how to keep books properly anymore?
What happened? Bookkeeping was one step away from Godliness?! "

[ mumble mumble mumble mumble ]

" They did WHAT?!?! What do you mean you have Private Bankers from one Country Controlling
currency in others with no ability to audit them?!"

[ mumble mumble mumble mumble ]

" Oy Vey! They hijacked and inverted all the Bookkeeping Educational Systems
and Software too ?!? Who's in charge around here? This is terrible news. Just terrible news indeed "

[ mumble mumble mumble mumble ]

" Incarnation Rule #220, NEVER, EVER allow society to grow commercially with a
Body Politic that is Financially Illiterate. That is a door they will always try to open and it is one that

"Once those Bankers get into your Educational System, all Bets are Off!! "


And here we are. A society of 8 Billion People.

Nobody seems to know how to both do and explain Bookkeeping in a Jiffy.

Nobody seems to have the Authority to properly Audit the Global Bankers.

And very few seem to even realize what EVERYONE is missing,
which is very basic and simple Bookkeeping and Accounting Literacy
which should have been had by age 10.

Just say "Yes" in deed. It's time to Reimagine Bookkeeping yet, and once again.

Welcome to Bookkeeping Reimagined.

A Simple and Refreshing thought with INFINITE Downstream Reactions !!!

Sections Below include:

  1. Current Lay of the Land

  2. Problems and Short Comings with the Current Education System

  3. Problems and Short Comings with the Software offerings for Individuals and Small Businesses

  4. Solutions ( aka Bookkeeping Reimagined )

1) Current Lay of the Land

Everyone on Planet Earth seems to look up to the United States of America for inspiration. It's advertised as the "most capitalistic" country of the bunch.

In truth, it's being run like an insane asylum with the inhabitants getting dumber by the month due to a gazillion different inputs, but what's new for that whacky group of Global Controllers, right?

Its citizens seem to have been BURIED by the most Complex Taxation system of all the World, and it appears as if their currency is being run by Foreigners they've never met, as is always the case during the "Capitalism Trick".

Somehow and bizarrely, as the digital age rose, one company called Intuit with ownership support of Microsoft took control of the entire Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting software marketplace.

During that process, with pounds of Banker support, it appears they encouraged user flow processes that were not in the best interest of the users.

They started sharing data as debits and credits WITH signed values, which is incomprehensible. Of course, they started sharing data with their view of debits and credits too, which is 180 degrees out of phase from the consumers orientation, but to be expected from true inversionists at heart.

To compound matters, those Old Clowns seemed to push archaic manual accounting Dogma at the high-school, college and graduate level for HUGE Fees in order to further confuse and smother an increasingly, illiterate population. Financially and otherwise too.

And POOF. 50 years later, they did it again.
They have created a society of BILLIONS that can now barely count out change.

2) Problems and Short Comings with the Current Education System

The Middle School Curriculum - Accounting and Bookkeeping is absent. It is merely addition and subtraction and should be introduced and mastered before Geometry and Algebra with a software solution they can have access to for life.

The High School Curriculum - Accounting and Bookkeeping is Optional where offerred, and not a requirement for any. When it is being taught, it is being taught with old school Dogma and without an open source, transparent software solution they could have as a resource for life.

The College Curriculum - Accounting is being required only for Business Majors when in fact there never should have been a "business major" to start with. Business is all just Liberal Arts and should have been condensed and a required add on for every Liberal Arts Major as well as every Science Major. Accounting IS the currency of Energy and to think people paid for College Degrees believing only a select few needed it was criminal.

The Graduate Curriculum - To think Technical Majors had to return to get a Master's in Business prior to being required to have basic accounting is obscene. To think others could have mastered in accounting yet failed the CPA exam is worse.


Dogma - Accounting is being taught with old school Dogma that has been manipulated in ways that makes logic almost invisible.

Manual Systems are the focus - It's all being drilled in as if they are going to be doing "manual bookkeeping", which few have been doing properly or consistently for 40+ years now, if not hundreds actually.

Digital Systems focus on Relational Databases instead of Spreadsheets - That which is being taught with digital tools is being taught with non-mainstream database systems instead of spreadsheets, the better digital system for accounting at all times given inherent functionality you will come to understand more about later.

The Scenarios Taught are bogus - The information is being taught in isolation from the students own lives and without life simulation tools.

The Text Book Publishers - These folks are controlling and dictating the Curriculum. They are making a killing doing it, and they have no real reason to present new information.

The Text Book manufacturers - These folks have a cornered market. They have no desire to see curriculum go Digital for the students benefit.

The Text Book Distributors - These folks Control the delivery of books to students and they have created a cartel for new and used books.

The College Instructors - These folks may or may not have any say as to the Books offered. Worse yet, most College Accounting Professors are regurgitating the Dogma they were taught using books that most align with that, when in fact NONE OF THIS is in the best interest of the students or society. Furthermore, if an instructor were to deviate from the norm, they might lose their high paying job or jeopardize their tenured position in some way. Actually no. They would never have gotten tenure if they thought the way the students needed them to think to start with.

A Financially Illiterate Body Politic

"FUN FACT" - Over 50% of the people who study accounting at the under graduate and graduate level with a desire to earn the label of "Certified Public Accountant" fail that exam. Who builds 4 and 6 year educational programs to produce less than a 50% success rate on the professional licensing exam?

Actually. That's likely not as straight forward as it sounds. There's likely employment control systems being tossed in there that are way beyond the realm of this website, but it's good food to chew on as you continue to dig into this material with a MASSIVE SHORTCUT TO LITERACY that none of them had when they got going.

3) Problems and Short Comings with the Software offerings for Individuals and Small Businesses

A Company called Intuit - A company called Intuit controls over 80% of the small business Software market. That should be illegal and a violation of anti-trust, but it's been overlooked for decades. In the mid 1990's they were almost bought by Microsoft. Although the deal didn't formally go through on the front end, the two of them did a fine job of controlling the marketplace together with Microsoft taking up the secondary position to be sure no competition could come close to either of them. Intuit is a Publicly Traded Company. Understanding the depth and nature of that monopolistic ownership interest then and now is difficult.

Intuit and Bankers United - Intuit is fully in bed with all the largest Banks and their collective goal is to make sure people stay fully confused as it relates to bookkeeping and accounting. Confused consumers and fellow citizens make for the most profitable for them. They have also joined together to create schemes and systems which force software upgrades when none are needed.

400,000 CPA foot soldiers - Intuit has sought out the support of 400,000 CPAs who either directly and intentionally or indirectly support the perpetuation of poor software solutions for their clients for at least 30 years.

Intuit's very Bad SaaS Solution - Intuit has failed to produce an appropriate SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with 15+ years in pursuit of that endeavor. Intuit's SaaS solution offers zero proper privacy for millions of small business owners, and their archaic desktop solution may or may not have offered appropriate privacy.

Intuit's negative affect on Human Health - Intuit's End Users are SOME OF THE MOST UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS ON THE PLANET. A portion of our population suffers from depression and anxiety due to Intuit's prongs.

Intuit's Monopoly - With only one game in town, illogically, it's generally either them or a trusty home grown spreadsheet which can do great for recording transactions, categorizing them and reporting on Net Income but can not do the Balance Sheet work due to an over abundance of complexity that ZAP Accounting Software figured out.

Venture Capitalists - 35% of Venture Capital money goes into software and much of that is to target the small business people. The goal of most Venture Capitalists is to build a product that is close enough to competitive to a Major Player that they can get a buy out. That has NOTHING TO DO WITH creating great solutions for consumers. In fact, it's the exact opposite. It encourages copy cat work with little true innovation.

Non-Intuit Offerings - There is a large volume of smaller offerings for budgeting and transaction categorization that are typically missing a General Ledger and The Balance Sheet, which makes them toys for no logical reason.

Missing Spreadsheet Offerings - Seemingly, nobody saw any way or reason to offer a Spreadsheet Solution with a General Ledger and Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet was a little complex for a Non-Accounting Major. Not sure why all of them weren't tasked with building one out as part of their Under Graduate degree...

A Technologically Stressed-Out Body Politic

4) Solutions ( aka Bookkeeping Reimagined )

  1. Develop a spreadsheet based Bookkeeping System with an auto-populating General Ledger and Balance Sheet. Build the entire solution with spreadsheet formulas only so it is or can be spreadsheet vendor independent.

  2. Redefine vocabulary for all parts of the Bookkeeping Process to remove confusion and Dogma from the mix. Use that new vocabulary in the Spreadsheet based Software to reinforce its use.

  3. Remove the need for Debits and Credits in the Journals since that conversion can all be automated. Users can learn that with time if needed or desired. It's also much easier to learn AFTER full proficiency is had with out it.

  4. Create distribution channels that are void of the traditional corporate structure that would seek to maximize profits at the cost of distribution to masses and/or require complex licensing to ensure employee payroll was met each month. This is meant to be an entirely new type of Commerce.

  5. Develop Written Text, Visuals, Videos and Targeted Websites for purposes of Marketing and Education. Make sure they can be combined in a myriad of ways to serve as a replacement for Printed Text Books and reference material.

  6. Identify the exact time during Middle School when Basic Bookkeeping, the General Ledger, and the Game of Commerce should be introduced. Make sure it's simple and interesting. Make it personal and relevant! If they are going to drop out after 8th grade to sell drugs, teach them how to track all their sales with perfection!

  7. Identify End Users who will benefit most from the solution. Make them aware of the offerings in every way imaginable.

  8. Identify Coaches, Consultants and Educators who can profit from public education, setup and support services. This gives everyone a reason to speak in front of groups that may benefit them in one of several ways.

  9. Identify Community Leaders who can share this with all relevant organizations in their community. We need to get folks who did not get this education caught up!

  10. Push the Boulder over the Edge. And watch it roll!

A Financially Literate, Technology Savvy, Stress Reduced Body Politic
and a LARGE group of people hell bent on routing out the
Educational Conspirators for Good!