Pictures for Re-imagination!

The largest problems with Basic Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Education has been:

1) A lack of proper Educational Models and Frameworks for cognitive latticing

2) A lack of digital software that transparently enabled users to learn usable processes first, with supporting theory coming second for those who wanted or needed it.

3) Control of the Educational Curriculum by parties who's interests were self-serving and not appropriate for community growth and well being.

With our offerings, we have filled both voids and by-passed the current Educational Controllers.

By Maarten van Heemskerck -, Public Domain,

Now it's time for YOU to Reimagine Bookkeeping as a Microcosm in a larger world of Commerce
and your own Commercial Play.

The Three Slice Pie for Accounting Systems

There are three possible financial flows through a Small Business Accounting system.

  1. The first doesn't touch any formal accounting sub systems. A cash business, like small time drug dealing, for example. Maybe some larger drug dealing and arms dealing too, but they typically have a partial set of non-digital books at the very least.

  2. The second includes partial contact with accounting systems. They may track some inflows and some outflows, but there are gaps in their recording process. This results in partial accounting clarity, but it would be impossible to paint a full financial picture from those records.

  3. The third flow is always in contact with accounting systems in some way with a few cross checks to ensure data integrity. This type of system is supposed to be properly reconcilable at all times. In practice, with the current software solutions, it seldom is due to Bookkeeping and Accounting errors that get lumped into something called "suspended accounts". Our system is so simple and transparent, those become a thing of the past, but now we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit...

Many people try to operate at Level 1 or Level 2 without fully understanding Level 3.

They get caught easily.

You have to know the rules before you can learn how to break them Properly, and with the Privacy you are owed as a Player in your very own Game of Commerce

The Six Box Model for Accounting Systems

If that image above is worth 1000 words. This one is worth 10,000. Or maybe a whole lot more...

The error made by most these days is to assume "bookkeeping, accounting ,and financial management" is one giant blob that all must be connected to each other. That has never been the case in the way most imagine. In fact many of the components are supposed to be held separate with some information duplication for good reason.

The first place to start with this education is in fact with your "bookkeeping system". It is #5 in the image above. And it is shown separate from the first four boxes for a perfectly good reason, and that is because it should NOT directly touch any of them!

Your bookkeeping module should be a completely stand alone module with "NO INFORMATION SHARING CONNECTIONS" to any other important systems like a Point of Sale, an Invoicing or a Booking System. It should also be completely separate with no live connections to your Advanced Accounting Systems as well as any payment inflow or outflow systems APPROPRIATE FOR YOU.

Your Bookkeeping module is a Score Keeping System for your Own Game of Commerce. If you should decide to cheat, you will need supplemental systems to understand your full picture with a single system that is kept full and proper for your Tax and Financial Reporting needs. If this idea of introducing "cheating" into the Curriculum is bothersome, then get bothered about the Politicians and Bankers who have been doing this to all of us now for a very, very long time. You will NOT be able to realize the full extent of their behavior until you understand how they do it and get away with it to start with.

We are here to Empower YOU.
Empowerment comes in many forms.
This type of Education is one of the most Powerful you will ever endeavor.

Our "Software Offerings" Align with the 6 Box Model

Our Software Templates are "just" spreadsheet templates. We have built them in Google Sheets so you can gain the benefits of cloud computing but you can use them as templates for more private spreadsheets if you'd like. Our Templates are all Organized by Box to help with functional understanding.

We have prototype Sales Systems Developed (Box 1) . Some simple ones for learning and basic use by many small businesses are live at this time. Our more complex, modular systems require more Personal Responsibility than most are interested in taking on with their own data at this time, so they are still not shared.

The other modules related to Boxes 2 through 6 meet all kinds of other needs.

The Bookkeeping Module (Box 5) is the most complex of the currently public offerings, which are all FREE btw. Since all bookkeeping is done in "arrears" (after the fact) with no connections to any other systems, real time or otherwise, that module makes for a great initial destination for your first swim into a new computing paradigm.

NOTE: A user does not progress through the boxes sequentially. You can implement them in any order that makes sense. That said, we provide a suggested implementation order for most to get going.

Most should start with the Accounting Master file, which is the only functional template not allocated to a Box. SEE IT LISTED BELOW ALL THE OTHER BOXES NEXT TO THE "OTHER" LABEL.

After that you should play with a Sales Template, and then you should get along to the Bookkeeping Template. Suggested implementation details found on the same web page as the software, shown above.

Since our Bookkeeping Module and suggested Bookkeeping Process is NOT tied to any other modules or outside institutions, it is easy to get your Bookkeeping Module set up and running in parallel to any other systems you may be currently using, including Quickbooks.

And there's more. A LOT more...

Once you see the Light, that's when you'll start craving our Sales Systems and a lot more control over your own Personal Data too.

Flashy Marketing is Great. So is wonderful Prose.
That's not enough these days to make a difference.

What you desperately want and fully deserve is in fact far more DRAMATIC CHANGE.

The hardest part is visualizing it, so we did that for you.

Your job now is to Embrace It.

Sections Below include:

1) Balance Sheet Reimagined

2) Income Statement Reimagined

3) Tech Support Reimagined

4) Basic and Advanced Education Reimagined

1) Balance Sheet Reimagined

We are the first to publish a fully dynamic Balance Sheet in a Spreadsheet. But we didn't stop there...

The numbered comments correlate to the numbers on the diagram to the right...

1) We introduced new, logical vocabulary to help with education and understanding.

2) We introduced an on/off switch for managing spreadsheet computing resources

3) We include the Start Date on the Balance Sheet. Every Balance Sheet has one but they hid that fact from you for decades if not centuries.

4) We modified the report to enable the inclusion of all relevant line items instead of summary information which leads to greater transparency.

5) We tell you were the data is coming from.

6) We expose all underlying formulas

And we give this template away for free, with no ties back to us. Not even a user name and password is required for access to this template.

And we didn't stop there. Troubleshooting Balance Sheet errors is arguably the hardest task in Bookkeeping, and we wanted to simplify that. So we did.

When errors exist, you iterate through the dates to find the date of the error. Once found, expand rows to the right and to view the General Ledger Records for that day. With a moderate amount of training, you can learn what errors you will find. You can drill down from there to make the corrections and use the back button on the browser to return to the updated report. This is rock solid, Bullet Proof and teachable now. This was no small feat. Embrace it.

Please see:
for a deeper dive into our Paradigm Shifting Balance Sheet

2) Income Statement Reimagined

The Income Statement should have been called the "Net Income Statement" from the get go. It was tougher to be Creative in a Positive way with this as we were with the Balance Sheet, but we worked around that and added a few really nice features on our Report Template too.

The numbered comments correlate to the numbers on the diagram to the right...

1) All our reports have switches to manage spreadsheet resources

2) While on the income statement worksheet you can actually change the reporting to cash flow (which adds equity accounts to the report) or you can show all transactions. The abilty to toggle the reports in a single location is huge for learning about reporting differences and cashflow vs net income.

3) We include multiple result summaries to remind you you can customize this as you wish.

4) We provide a Cash Delta Report here as that info often times fills in the intuitive holes that Small Business owners feel when viewing Net Income Statements / P/L Statements.

5) We tell you were the data is coming from.

6) We expose some underlying formatting tricks too...

And as with the Balance Sheet, we didn't stop there. Your Drill Down reporting is just to the right...

Please see:
for a deeper dive into our Paradigm Shifting Income Statement

3) "Tech Support" Reimagined

You are on your own.

But not without a LOT of written support, some good videos, passive guidance and a newly rising Army of Coaches, Consultants and Educators that are sure to Dazzle your Socks Off!!

For our Bookkeeping Template, we have multiple subdomains dedicated to different aspects of support.

We offer both written documentation and videos.

4) Basic and Advanced Education Reimagined

We offer Alternative Vocabulary that is logical and appropriate. We also removed Debits and Credits from the basic educational mix. We defined a User Process that is Rock Solid.
And we wrote it all down, just for you.

5 Step Booking is simple enough it can be taught starting in 6th Grade and Mastered By 8th, Balance Sheet and All. No student should be put into Algebra without such a basic addition and subtraction tool in their back pocket.

And this is the detailed education for bookkeeping that is in addition to a world of education found on our website.

Welcome to a New Age In Computing and Financial Literacy